Friday, September 7, 2012

September Newsletter Sent!

Hello Darlings! Hope everyone has had a wonderful summer! I for one am thrilled to have the heat go away (over 14 days of no air conditioning, until it was finally replaced, lock stock and barrel!) So I am certainly now looking forward to a gentle fall breeze to pass through my office window! Can't wait for the smell of the crisp clean air wafting in, carrying the sweet scent of cinnamon apples from the bakeries oven! It just cannot be beat in autumn, as this season brings so many delights!

So much has been happening over here at One Spring Street, so I have tried to add a few in the newsletter. Which will be on it's way within the hour. I have added many new Printable designs on the website as per the many, many requests I have received! I hope you will enjoy them as much as I did creating them! Send me your completed Printable designs and I will post them if you wish, or I will just continue to enjoy them in your emails as I have been. Thank you all for sharing them with me this summer!

If you wish to receive the newsletters, you can sign up HERE to get a copy!

For those of you who have asked, my husband’s health is progressively getting better. He lost lots of weight and is thrilled to be down to his “marrying” size at the same time we celebrated our 13th anniversary! His hair is growing back and he’s had at least one hair cut! Believe it or not, before he lost it, it was salt and pepper in color, now he has regained more of the color and lost much of the gray as it grows back in! He is thrilled that I no longer pester him about coloring the gray out! LOL! His sense of taste, however, is still completely gone because of the radiation on his throat. On Sept 11th, I will be taking a day off as he will have his PET scan to see if we have been able to hold the cancer at bay or hopefully rid him of it all together. I am praying for the latter. I truly appreciate all of the prayers I have received, it’s a blessing to know how many of you care and I could not get through this without your support. It's been a very trying year, I am just praying for better days. For those of you who do not know. My husband’s throat cancer was caused by the HPV virus. A 20 year study showed that men in the 40’s, don’t drink, don’t smoke and have had their tonsils removed when they were younger, are getting throat cancer from this virus. From what the doctors tell me is that we all have the HPV in our bodies, but it is affecting men who fall within this list. It is very hard to catch until it is stage 4 or more. Therefore I beg any man who may have a sore throat or maybe a lump on his neck, thinking maybe he has strep throat or his glands may be swollen, to please just ask the doctor to look for this type of cancer. It is curable if caught in time. And they may not look unless asked.

On another note, I do hope to be able to get back to blogging, after much time off from doing so, it will be a joy to rekindle the love I have for it and reconnecting with all of you!

It is my very best wishes to all of you for many, many happy days ahead! Susan

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